The Original Digital Marketer.

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Hey There, My name is Abtin Masseratagah and I'm a Digital Marketing Consultant who has been in the industry for over a decade. I specialize in Viral Marketing, Growth Hacking, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Brand amplification (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc), and business development.

My knowledge within the industry specifically comes from the fact that I myself started as an Influencer in 2008. As time continued, I have personally grown a following of over 30,000,000 individuals across various platforms and niches that allows me to diversify my influential capabilities and marketing skills.

Through my career, I've had the opportunity to work with so many amazing individuals to create content that has touched several hundred million people through my campaigns. Everyday, My team works to build content that goes above and beyond to make an impact that expands further than just social media. We believe in creating a lasting effect on those who view our work. We want viewers to carry our message to the real world and generate discussion in something I refer to as an 'Echo Effect’. This includes viewers participating in product discussion, music sharing, etc. I believe that if you can create advertisements that can generate a discussion within the real world between individuals, rather then an a simple ad that the typical consumer will view for a few seconds and forget about, then we have truly done our job as marketers and story tellers to go above and beyond and create something more

I am the current CEO and Founder of Northrn Mo; a global marketing agency that assists clients with both marketing strategy and execution. Our work has played a large role in the success and development of many companies and brands such as Ivory Ella, Self Care Station, Electric Family, Protocol Recordings, Republic Recordings, Numari Co and many others. 

I am an expert within the digital media universe and have developed unique strategies over the course of my career proven to generate well over Seven and Eight figures for multiple companies. The clients I have worked with have since gone on to own multi-million dollar businesses, yet to this day they still request the services of myself and my team within each of their ventures. I’ve built my agency on detail. Everything we do is unique to our client, unlike many of agencies that use cookie cutter templates.

But, despite it all, I am an individual plagued by curiosity. I am constantly learning, adapting, creating and testing new media strategies within the digital marketing universe to stay ahead. On a regular basis, I am meeting with like-minded individuals all over the world to meet and discuss the secrets of the marketing world. I am constantly amazed by the digital world and its ongoing changes with algorithms, UI & UX designs of platforms, photography, and videography.

Truly, the world of marketing is a realm unlike any other, where change and progress is embraced rather than feared. Adapt or be left behind is the constant mentality to follow.